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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

Our church began when eight women organized the “Hawthorne Mite Society” in 1873. The purpose of the “Hawthorne Mite Society” was to collect funds for local Christian work and to meet for spiritual help and comfort. Through donations from many different denominations this society was able to build a Union Chapel at the current location of the First Reformed Church. Finally, the society thought that the building and the people should belong to a denomination in order to continue their ministry.
In 1893, the Union Church of Hawthorne decided to transfer its property and funds over to the Reformed Church in America. Then in 1895, a group of twenty-four people became officially recognized as the First Reformed Church of Hawthorne. The church began to grow as the community of Hawthorne grew rful guidance of Rev. John S. Moore (Pastor from 1929-1962). The church was able to build and add Sunday School rooms and a large Fellowship Hall during this time. At this present time, the First Reformed Church is a very exciting place to be. Recently, we have seen wonderful growth and enthusiasm through our children and Sunday School program. Talented musicians and vocalists also bring excitement by sharing their gifts in worship leadership. Above all, we are keenly aware of and thankful for God’s grace and provision. For in 1873, a group of eight women sought to raise funds for Christian work and service and gathered together for spiritual help and comfort. More than a hundred years later, the people of First Reformed Church still gather to raise funds for Christian work and service and gather for spiritual help and comfort.