Mission Statement (what):
To be a church that follows in the way, words and works of Jesus by reaching upward, growing inward and looking outward to the needs of others.
Vision (how):
We do this by being a loving, sharing and growing community

Christ-Centered – We are focused on a life of discipleship seeking to follow Christ.
Relational – We aspire to connect and grow in authentic relationship with one another based on love, trust, and forgiveness.
Missional – We show love and compassion to our brothers and sisters in our own community and the world through our time, talent and resources.
Growth – We seek to grow as disciples by helping people of all ages grow inward, upward and outward in their faith.
Biblical – Scripture is embraced, embodied and taught to equip and enhance our faith and transform our lives.
The Whole Family of God – We are committed to vibrant ministry relevant for every generation.
Worship – As community, we seek to Praise God with our whole hearts, souls, mind, and strength through music, prayer and the living out of the Word.
Stewardship – We will faithfully and responsibly use our God-given gifts of time, talents, possessions and money for building up the ministry and mission of God.